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  • br In summary patients treated at Moffitt were


    In summary, patients treated at Moffitt were more often treated with systemic treatment and had a higher survival rate. Differences in survival were largely explained by differences in treatment and less pro-nounced in comparison with academic hospitals in the Netherlands. Further detailed analyses of selection criteria for systemic treatment and assessment of quality of life could lead to tailored treatment and im-proved outcomes in older patients with pancreatic cancer.
    Authors Contributions
    Study concepts: EMdL, EB, ME- Study design: EMdL, EB, ME- Data acqui-
    Quality control of data and algorithms: EMdL, EB, LGMvdG, ME- Data
    analysis and interpretation: EMdL, EB, ME- Statistical analysis: EMdL,
    EB, − Manuscript preparation: EMdL, EB, LGMvdG, KME, CJHvdV, LB,
    BAB, ME- Manuscript editing: EMdL, EB, LGMvdG, KME, CJHvdV, LB,
    BAB, ME- Manuscript review: EMdL, EB, LGMvdG, KME, CJHvdV, LB, BAB, ME. No conflict of interest to report for all authors. 
    The authors thank the registration teams of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Netherlands for the collection of data for the Netherlands Cancer Registry and the scientific staff of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre Netherlands. The authors would also like to thank the Total Cancer Care and the Moffitt Cancer Registry for provision of data used in the current study. This work was supported by a grant from the Dutch Cancer Society.
    Appendix A. Supplementary Data
    Supplementary data to this LY 379268 article can be found online at https://doi.
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